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Tutor/Mentor Year-Round Support Strategy (09:41)

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This video guides viewers through one of the animated videos and strategies that are hosted on Tutor/Mentor Connection web sites. These are made using CamStudio. We invite others to create their own versions, improving on our version, using their own talent and technology. This video was created in 2011 when Cabrini Connections and Tutor/Mentor Connection (T/MC) were part of one organization. While they now are separated into two organizations, the ideas in the video are still relevant. The T

Date Uploaded: February 01, 2017

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Keeping attention focused on youth orgs throughout the year

This video was created in 2010-11 to share strategies the Tutor/Mentor Connection has been developing since 1993 to support the involvement of people from business, faith groups, colleges, hospitals, etc. in organized, volunteer-based, non-school tutoring, mentoring and learning programs reaching k-12 youth in high poverty neighborhoods of Chicago. I'm sharing it here to add comments that update the video and enable others to view and build their own understanding.