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Growth of volunteers in a tutor-mentor program.wmv (10:00)

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Interns from IIT and the University of Michigan have been creating animated interpretations of blog articles written by the Tutor/Mentor Connection. This video records one of those videos so we can introduce it to more people. You can play the flash animation at http://www.tutormentorexchange.net/chicagoland-volunteer-recruitment . If you would like to volunteer to create animations, or to create video versions of higher quality than what we have here, please contact us. This video was created

Date Uploaded: January 25, 2017

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Nurturing Growth of Volunteers in a Tutor/Mentor Program

Organized volunteer-based tutor/mentor programs can draw tutors and mentors from many different work, life, age backgrounds and connect them in on-going effort to help kids living in high poverty areas move through school and into jobs. However, it's not clear how many programs actually have a strategy to make this happen. This video shows a four year cycle of support and how that might affect what volunteers do to help a youth, or an organization.