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Organizing an Annotation Flash Mob (01:03:47)

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Paul Allison of the NYC writing project floated the notion of virtual flash mobs annotating texts in a recent Teachers Teaching Teachers webinar. The first event planned for youth will be Tuesday during the State of the Union address. We wanted to audition a handy digital annotation tool, Hypothes.is, before that event in case you wanted to get your feet on the ground before you bring students to the #sofu. That's why we call it "safe-to-fail". Perhaps a less scary way to say this might be "not

Date Uploaded: January 12, 2016

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Annotating the Universe (or at least all the news that's fit to print)

A Google Hangout evening annotating and reflecting on the annotation of this NYTimes article (http://learning.b...) in preparation for a larger annotatathon for President Obama's State of the Union address.