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How to Build a Mind - Artificial Intelligence Reloaded [30c3] (55:57)

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How to Build a Mind Artificial Intelligence Reloaded A foray into the present, future and ideas of Artificial Intelligence. Are we going to build (beyond) human-level artificial intelligence one day? Very likely. When? Nobody knows, because the specs are not fully done yet. But let me give you some of those we already know, just to get you started. While large factions within the philosophy of mind still seem to struggle over the relationship between mind, world, meaning, intentionality, subje

Date Uploaded: December 18, 2014

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Cómo construir una mente

Conferencia de The Chaos Computer Club (CCC) (Europe's largest association of hackers), en Amburgo.

A través de este vídeo analizaremos si y cómo se puede crear una mente. En la conferencia se presentan muchas ideas fascinantes, también desde una perspectiva historico-filosófica, que es necesario conocer.

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