Vialogues (which derives from "video dialogues") is an award-winning discussion platform that proves that videos are both powerful teaching resources and the ultimate conversation starters. Vialogues provides a space for users to hold meaningful and dynamic time-stamped discussions about videos.

To get started, upload a video, grab one from YouTube, or choose one from the growing collection on our site. Once you've created a vialogue, you can encourage thoughtful conversations by posing questions, adding polls, and replying to comments. You can even embed a vialogue into your website, LMS, or blog! Concerned about privacy issues? No need to be! You can make your vialogues public (open to the world) or private (open to whomever you invite to join).

We encourage you to jump into and create as many video conversations as you can handle and also to leave us your feedback. Vialogues is as much yours as it is ours and we want to hear from you. So, whether it's a question, a comment, or praise (especially if it's praise), drop us a line or leave it in our forum!

Who Is Vialogues For?

Teachers, instructors, lecturers, trainers, and tutors; filmmakers, animators, and graphic designers; musicians, dancers, and artists; athletes and sports fans; politicians and political junkies; news stations and news junkies; anyone; everyone!

What's Vialogues?